Covid 19 Store Update - We're Reopening!!

We're so excited that the Grainery Store on Agricola Street is reopening to walk-in shopping!

We have been closed to all but pre-order pickup and CSA pickup since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while we are still figuring out how to navigate, we are trying to reopen slowly to serve our community. To start we will open on Saturdays from 12 pm to 4 pm and increase days as we can.

We have safety protocols outlined in the attached document, but they are summarized as: when you shop in store masks are mandatory (please shop online if you can't wear a mask for health reasons or contact us for other options), use hand sanitizer, stay 6ft away from other customers and the volunteers, and touch as little as possible. Our volunteers will also wear a mask, handle all the bulk jars, sanitize all high-touch areas in between each customer, and sanitize the rest of the store regularly. We are a volunteer-run food coop and the health of our volunteers and customers is our highest priority.

We are still offering all our other shopping options, from our popular pre-orders to our CSA pickup day on Wednesday to our participation in the The Halifax Brewery Market's Neighbourhood Goods store 

For more information on how our pre-orders work, check out our Pre-Order Catalogue and our Pre-Order FAQs. For the Hutten CSA pickup, please call or stop by the store on the regular pickup day and the volunteer will let you in for pickup.

As always, look out for your friends, family, and neighbours. Support small and local businesses. Be kind to and patient with each other.