Pre-Order Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you still have questions after reading the FAQs, feel free to direct message us via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (links in top of webpage), or email our Pre-Order Coordinator. We are a volunteer-run food coop and volunteers answer your messages so it may take a week or so to reply to your emails.



What are the pre-orders?

Pre-orders at The Grainery are like a buying club. We place large orders from our suppliers and by joining in on our orders you get a discount and save on shipping.


How does the pre-ordering work?

Place your pre-orders anytime via our website. You can choose from lots of grains, seeds, nuts, flours in multiple bulk size options. When we place our next order to the supplier (usually once a month, but during busy times like the COVID-19 pandemic, more often), we’ll include your items in our order. Once we receive our order, usually a week or two after our supplier order is placed, we’ll contact you to pick up your items at the store. It can be a few weeks after you place your pre-order before your order is ready in-store for pickup.


What kind of things can I pre-order?

You can choose from lots of grains, seeds, nuts, flours, and nut butters in multiple bulk size options. The full catalogue of pre-order options is here:


Can I get my product right away?

No, your pre-order items are included on our next orders from our suppliers. Depending on when you placed the pre-order and when the next supplier order is, it may be a few weeks before your order is ready in-store for pickup. 


What are the deadlines for ordering?

Our normal deadlines for ordering Speerville products (most flours and grains) is the first Sunday of every month, unless it falls on a holiday weekend, then it is the second Sunday. Our normal deadlines for ordering Tootsi (most beans and nuts) is the last Sunday of every month.


During the COVID-19 pandemic the demand for products has increased so much we are ordering when we can rather than on a regular schedule. We try to post the new deadlines to Facebook and the website's events schedule


Do I need to be a member to pre-order?

No, anyone can pre-order with us! Our members are the volunteers who keep the coop, store and market stall running, so there are great benefits to being a volunteer, but anyone can shop with us. When the store and market stall are open, the general public are more than welcome to shop them as well.


Why can’t I shop at the store right now (early 2020)?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many of our volunteers are practicing strict social distancing or self-isolation and we don’t have enough volunteers to keep the store open in a clean, safe manner for our customers and volunteers. You can still pre-order items and pick up by appointment or shop in-person or online at the Halifax Brewery Market’s Neighbourhood Goods Store. Members can still shop the store privately, message us via Facebook or Instagram for more details.


How do I get my pre-order while the store is closed (early 2020)?

During the COVID-19 pandemic our store is closed to general shopping, however we have appointment times available for pre-order payment and pickup. When your product has arrived at the store and is ready for pickup, you’ll receive an email (or phone call if we don’t have your email address) with payment options, pick up appointment instructions, and other important pickup information.


What are the benefits of pre-ordering?

You get a bulk amount of food for a discount over our already great retail prices, plus you save shipping costs. You’ll be supporting a local coop that orders from local or organic suppliers.


Why did I only get part of my pre-order?

If your pre-order includes items from different Grainery suppliers, it will be ordered at different times. Because we let you know as each item comes in, you may get your items at different times.