Our Values

Our Values

  1. We value the integrity of our natural environment, striving to minimize our destructive impact and to maximize restoration where damage has already occurred.  We strive to source bio-regional foods, to minimize packaging, to use ecologically benign transportation, and to recycle or compost whenever possible.

  2. As a co-operative, we value cooperation over competition, people’s well being over profit.  We strive to contribute to the redefinition of wealth, by promoting an ethic of “enough” and a caring economy.  We strive for self-management and working collaboratively, to ensure the sustainability of the co-op. 

  3. We value the active participation of the broader community and aim for a culturally and economically diverse membership.  We value all people involved in the co-op.

  4. We recognize the importance of education, especially on issues of food sustainability, health and community activism.  We seek to promote community health.

  5. We seek a membership policy free of barriers. We respect all our members and customers, appreciating our diversity and giving equal value to all contributions. 

  6. We recognize access to food as a basic human right, seeking to promote the ability of all to participate in a meaningful exchange to satisfy their needs. We strive to maintain accessibility to healthy food within our communities.
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