The Grainery is a not-for-profit food cooperative that’s been operating in North End Halifax (K’jipuktuk) since 2001 – that’s over 20 years! We’re open to the public; everyone is welcome to shop at The Grainery. We sell a wide range of bulk food items – from nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to cereals, legumes, and wholegrain flour – with a focus on local and organic options. 

Our objective is to provide affordable, nutritious, and environmentally responsible food to our community in a way that opposes capitalism.  We strive to contribute to the redefinition of wealth, by promoting an ethic of “enough” and a caring economy.  We strive for self-management and working collaboratively, to ensure the sustainability of the co-op.  We believe that food should be a human right and a way to build community; not a source of profit! 

We are 100% volunteer-run and have no paid staff members, which helps us keep prices affordable for as many people as possible. Anyone who volunteers with us regularly is eligible to become a Grainery member and receive a discount on all of the food that we sell. Click here to learn more about volunteering and becoming a member!